This is going to be a very short section, as our story has only just begun… but what an eventful start it has been…


KD’s Bake House Ltd. was officially formed by myself, Lukasz Kowalski-Davies,

in January 2020 but it started trading as Market Bakery from the Abergavenny Indoor Market at the end of February 2020.


Before I took over the business, it was run by Kath Gunter who decided to move on to pastures new. Ahead of her leaving, Kath very kindly trained me in running the stall and she introduced me to the majority of our regular customers and all

the existing suppliers. This was a great help and I am grateful to her for that.


We started trading from Abergavenny Indoor Market on Tuesday, 24 February… and it was all going pretty smoothly...

The customers and staff got used to having the new management on side.

I got to know other market traders. We all had good laughs and chats. It all

started feeling so natural...

And then, about a month later the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the UK which forced us to close the business to keep everyone safe… Not quite the start

I imagined...


But that is not the end of the story as we are determined to carry on serving our customers and providing them with the best products from the local bakers and producers. We are committed to improve our services and expand our product range. And we promise to be there for our local communities. We promise to be there for you...

Reveal of


Some of you may be wondering

what does the KD stand for in our logo.

They are the initials of the owner's surname: Kowalski-Davies